Medical Imaging at the service of health

Science and technology is evolving very rapidly, thanks in particular to the hard work of engineers and researchers. Thus, new discoveries are made and new techniques are developed. Here are the latest advances in this field and how medical imaging is a real health benefit. More informations :

The latest innovations in medical imaging

Since the beginnings of radiography, imaging exams have continued to improve and diversify. Today, this field is undergoing many important innovations. Among these, we can mention panoramic radiology which allows to obtain a panoramic and 2D picture of the entire jaw. In addition, researchers in the laboratory have created a detector whose purpose is to reduce the radiation from X-ray based imaging systems. Nowadays, thanks to medical imaging, remote palpation to detect breast tumors is possible. It is based on low frequency vibration on the body surface. Other innovations are expected and will promote the use of more powerful instruments or even more powerful image interpretation software.

The many advantages of medical imaging

Recent developments in medical imaging provide sharper, more detailed images. In this way, doctors can accurately assess certain organ functions, better diagnose cancers and operate optimally. The use of medical imaging then contributes significantly to the development of prevention and to the quality of life of patients. Used for screening or diagnostic examinations or as a substitute for surgery, it is conducive to reducing the number and average length of hospitalizations. In addition, it represents a less painful, less costly and, above all, less invasive alternative to surgery.